Where your astral blueprint meets holistic healing

If you feel that you’re greater than our physical selves and that a single pill can scarcely tackle your health concerns, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to guide you on a holistic healing journey that recognizes the importance of your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being alongside your physical health. True health goes beyond clinical data—it’s about achieving  balance in every aspect of your life.

Our program uniquely combines the insights of wellness astrology to identify your bio individual needs with cutting edge integrative healing methods, all aimed at restoring balance in your body, mind, and emotions.

Health Coaching

Making changes that align with our health goals can be challenging. Life often gets in the way of bringing about the change you seek. This is where health coaching comes in.

With evidence based coaching modalities we help clients create new healthy and sustainable habits. Our brains take at least three months to develop a new neural pathway that forms a strong foundation for sustainable healthy habits and achieve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health goals.

Our Approach

Holistic well-being begins with a preventive approach to health, urging us not to wait until disease manifests. Your food choices play a pivotal role in shaping your body’s health, but it’s not just what you eat; your thoughts and emotional state significantly influence your well-being.

Your body is intricately connected to the environment surrounding you, from the obvious impacts of diet and lifestyle to even the more subtle influences like planetary gravitational pulls. We are most familiar with how the lunar cycle affects human behavior and physiology. The other planets in the solar system exert their influence in more subtle ways, affecting our energetic body.

Our astral chart possesses the remarkable ability to offer insights into our state of health, pinpoint nutritional deficiencies, and gauge our psychological balance. It provides valuable guidance on averting potential health issues that may arise over the course of our lives. Wellness astrology is a valuable addition to our toolkit for achieving a balanced, healthy, and energetically vibrant life.


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About us

As the founder of Inner Power Health Coaching, Laura Besenyi’s mission is to guide clients in restoring their bodies to optimal energetic balance by blending holistic health coaching with wellness astrology. Prior to becoming a health coach, she travelled the world and settled in Canada more than 20 years ago. She holds a BBA from the U.B.A. and a MBA in Environmental Economics from the University of Belgrano and worked for large financial corporations, before going back to her first love; health. Laura is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds an additional certification (#2711974402) from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She studied Astrological Anatomy with  Vedic astrologer, Ernst Wilhelm and delved into Western Astrology with Judith Hill, feeding on Hellenistic astrology for timing purposes.

The Team

Laura works with different practicioners according to the clients needs. From psychologists to health coaches specialized in;

  • homeopathy
  • nutraceuticals experts
  • medical specialists
  • meditation teachers

This interdisciplinary collaboration focuses on the needs and objectives of the patient, carrying out a personalized treatment aligned with the patient’s individual goals.

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