The Wellbeing Blueprint
7 Essentials for a Healthy Life

Our Genes are Not our Destiny


In recent years, the world of health and well-being has undergone a profound transformation, illuminating the intricate dance between our genes, emotions, and the seven essentials of a healthy life. This journey into understanding the very fabric of our being reveals a fascinating narrative of our human existence, offering insights that challenge conventional wisdom.

At the heart of our genetic code lies a remarkable language composed of four letters: A, T, C, and G. These four nucleotide bases, adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine, are the universal building blocks of life, shared by all organisms on Earth. It’s a testament to the unity of life, from the ancient sequoias to the tiniest microorganisms.

However, a  puzzle unfolds when we recognize that despite our remarkable complexity, humans possess a surprisingly modest genetic code of roughly 20,000 genes. This represents less than 2% of our DNA. More intriguing still is the revelation that only a small fraction of diseases, about 3-5%, can be directly linked to fully penetrant genetic mutations, akin to the well-known BRCA gene. The remaining 95% of illnesses find their origins in epigenetics.

 Epigenetic Changes can be reversed


Epigenetics explains how our genes are turned on and off without changing the DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet, lifestyle, and environment. Epigenetic changes can be passed down from parents to offspring, but they can also be reversed. This means that our genes are not our destiny.  By understanding how epigenetics works, we can make choices that can improve our gene expression and overall health.

This is why in this blog we will begin writing about how important those epigenetic changes are. We will start with how “Powerful Emotions” influence our health. It’s the foundation of our journey into the seven essentials of well-being; we’ll explore the incredible impact of emotions on our genes, providing insights into emotional intelligence and effective emotional regulation techniques.

Understanding Our Genetic Symbiosis

As we delve into the chapters that follow, we’ll also uncover the fascinating world within us. The human body comprises approximately 37.2 trillion human cells, a staggering number that defines our physical existence. But what adds a fascinating layer to our health narrative is the symbiotic relationship we share with other microorganism such as bacteria and fungi. While we’re made up of these 37.2 trillion human cells, there are an estimated 38 trillion bacterial cells that coexist within us, particularly in the microbiome of our gut.

The more diverse our microbiome becomes, the more we thrive. Our health and well-being depend on the harmonious coexistence of these microbial communities. Furthermore, we must recognize the microbiome within our own cells. Even within the core of our cells, our mitochondria, we rely on bacteria, an astonishing 1.4 quadrillion of them, that contribute to our cellular energy production.

The more diverse our microbiome becomes, the more we thrive.


This underscores the critical role of diverse nutrition, symbolized by “eating the rainbow,” in nurturing our physical and emotional well-being. Each post in our journey will unfold these insights, providing practical guidance for you to seize control of your genetic destiny and lead a life of vitality, purpose, and profound well-being.

In our upcoming posts we will visit how Emotions influence our gene expression, along with strategies for emotional management.

Sleep is an important key to restoration, that’s why it’s so important to get quality sleep. We’ll address the role of Physical Activity in health and provide guidance on building an effective exercise routine. Why Yoga & Pranayama provide benefits beyond regular exercise and how we can apply some introductory exercises for beginners.

Nutrition plays such a significant role: our dietary choices affect not only our digestive system, they affect our overall physical and mental wellbeing, as Hyppocrates said 2500 years ago; all disease begins in the gut. Modern science has validated this statement, check it out here.

Attuning with natural rhythms is the subject of my guide, I invite you to download it so you too can apply the 3 keys in your daily routines for a balanced and energizing lifestyle.

Last but not least, we’ll review Stress Management and how Meditation has an impact on neutralizing the adversse effects of stress on gene expression.

This journey into “The Wellbeing Blueprint: 7 Essentials for a Healthy Life” promises to empower you to shape your genetic destiny, enabling you to lead a healthier, happier life. Let’s embark on this transformative trip.